Your Teacher

Esther assists individuals in falling in love with tango, aiding leaders and followers in acquiring new skills. Esther focuses on building trust with her students, guests, and the wider audience to broaden their understanding of tango, encompassing the dance, the music, and the community. In doing so, she allows her kindness, humanity, and heart to guide her path.

In her Tango classes, beginners and seasoned dancers alike enjoy a stress-free atmosphere. She creates a fun environment, blending the rhythmic beats of traditional and alternative Tango music with laughter and camaraderie. Focused on ease and enjoyment, she provides a comfortable space for experiencing and expressing the connection which Tango is creating.

Esther teaches weekly local tango classes of all levels as well as private classes. She is the host of social Milongas, a DJ at various locations within Australia and overseas, the founder and organizer of NeoTangoRage Australia, a guest teacher at the Sunshine Coast Neo Tango Festival, and the instructor of various weekend focus sessions within Australia.

Esther Zellweger

Instructor, Director, Host, DJ

Where Every Lesson is a step in the Right Direction

The Venue

When you step into our dance studio, you will find yourself stepping back in time and space. You feel being transported to Europe, suddenly surrounded by all the delightful vibes of a historic Parisian Café.

The magical centre piece is our antic chandelier and the true-blue antic iron cast church windows from Europe reflecting your image back to you in hundreds of mirror pieces.

Our dance studio features the state-of-the-art 113 FlexiPro Sprung Floor composed of 16mm Birch Ply Panels and a Hybrid Cover, is equipped with B&W Speakers and a SubwooferAudio, ensuring a sensory-rich Tango experience. Boasting a custom-designed floor meticulously crafted to enhance the Tango journey, this specially engineered surface provides the ideal balance of smoothness and grip.

Dancers can execute intricate moves with precision, whether performing dramatic sweeps or exciting footwork.

The Tango we teach

Learning Tango at GoTango studio means acquiring both physical competence and an understanding of the art of being with another person. Through effective communication as a leader and the expression of sensations as a follower, Tango transforms into a dynamic awareness practice. Embracing others with respect, surrendering with active availability, and engaging in a silent conversation become acts of generosity, creating a profound connection on the dance floor.
In the spirit of giving, you’ll learn to offer trust, your body, and your intention wholeheartedly. Tango participation extends beyond the dance partnership, as your contributions reveal aspects of yourself to the broader community.

Our Tango lessons unfold in an easy-to-follow format. Our adept instructors guide you through the intricacies of Tango in a systematic manner. The dance is broken down into a comprehensible syllabus, making it understandable for all participants.

It's time to start moving!


1/102-104 Centennial Circuit
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